Quality Assurance Program

Special Tactical Services, LLC.

1.1 Management Approach

It is STS policy to efficiently operate and maintain its facilities and programs in accordance with best operating practices and all applicable local, state and federal health, safety and environmental regulations. STS is committed to collecting all necessary data to demonstrate that its operations are in compliance with its contractual obligations.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are implemented as two independent and interrelated functions resulting from Quality Planning.

• STS Quality Plans are created during the planning phase of a project. Cognizant parties are the project manager, project team, project sponsor and any senior leaders whose support is needed to carry out the plan.
• STS Quality Assurance is a system of general programmatic activities implemented to ensure Quality Control is performing adequately.
• STS Quality Control is a series of specific activities performed to provide a reproducible quality product. Consequently, quality assurance serves as a “quality control” for the quality control function.

STS Project Quality Management Plans document the necessary information required to effectively manage project quality from project planning to delivery and defines a project’s quality policies, procedures, application criteria, roles, responsibilities and authorities.

Quality Planning

STS identifies which quality standards are relevant to the project and how to satisfy them. STS project management personnel define appropriate quality metrics and measures for standards for project processes, product functionality, regulatory compliance requirements, project deliverables, project management performance, documentation, testing, etc.;

• Customer and project goals
• Applicable quality standards
• Critical success factors
• Metrics to measure program performance
• Acceptance criteria for project deliverablesv • Methods of inspection
• Frequency of inspections
• Corrective action plans
• Methods of reporting

Quality Control

STS identifies the monitoring and controlling actions that will be conducted to control quality throughout the project’s life. Quality standards are defined and owners of ongoing monitoring and quality improvement processes are delegated. STS identifiers desired metrics and related monitoring processes to measure quality, develops a plan for measuring quality, defines the methods of data collection/archiving, and documents the timeframe(s) for measurement and metrics reporting;

• Define project quality
• Measure project quality
• Record quality data
• Report quality performance
• Apply corrective actions

Quality Assurance

STS Quality Management Team works to provide the confidence that project quality standards are in fact being met and has been achieved (while relating these actions to the quality standards defined in the quality planning phase).

Analyze Project Quality- Analyze quality data, document opportunities for improvement and apply what was learned from quality analysis to eliminate gaps between current and desired levels of performance.

Improve Project Quality- Identify ways of eliminating unsatisfactory performance and ensure that root cause analysis and corrective actions are implemented correctly. Identify ways of doing things better, faster and at less cost.

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